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Catching Up and Taking a Breath

So it’s come to that time of the year where I’m finishing everything up.  It’s been a whirlwind few months – I’m turning 27 in a week and will be finishing my first year back at school in Television Broadcasting at Seneca College.

Since my last post, we’ve had a lot of Grover issues, and got him a full blood test.  It turns out that there isn’t anything wrong physically with him (no cancer or anything), but as he continues to get older and blinder it seems like losing his senses has upped the ante on his separation anxiety.  He’s still kicking it, and is now sporting a pheremone collar in conjunction with a medication called zylkene.

Grover and Fenton TreatsIn any case, we’re trekking along and seeing what will happen. Other things that have happened, we completed the run of Pirates of Penzance which included a fair bit of drama.  The second night of the run, during the opening scene Justin got a mug in the face, and ended up with a huge gash under his eye.  Since Frederick doesn’t leave the stage for a long time, he quietly spoke with the Pirate King and ran off stage to mop up blood during the Pirate King’s song.  We also ran into colds and car trouble along the way, but we made it through and the audience apparently didn’t notice a thing!  Phew!

ACT 1 COSTUMES AliJustinPirates2ACT 2 COSTUMESAliJustinPirates1

In other news, we’ll be attempting to spend more time in Ottawa over the summer, since my wonderful sister had a beautiful baby boy.  I was so excited to meet my nephew last month, and we’ll be taking a trip in a couple weeks so Justin can meet him too.

Until next time!



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