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Pirates of Penzance!

Hi WordPress!! I’ve been awful at updating my blog lately, but I’m trying to get more in the routine of posting again.  What I’ve been up to lately is trying to train our ever anxiety ridden dog after coping with a complaint from a rude neighbour working lots and rehearsing for an upcoming show that I’m in.  The Pirates of Penzance!! I have a soft spot for this show after having been one of the maidens when we did this show in my high school when I was in grade 10.  This time around I’ll be playing Mabel and Justin will be playing Frederick .  It’s fun learning all the runs and playing around with a show that I knew most of the music for already.  In any case…I’m looking forward to the performances!! Check out the poster and a Saturday rehearsal show picture below.  Just imagine us all saying “Pirates” with jazz hands.  Woot!


Pirates of Penzance - North Toronto Players - 2013


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