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A Birthday Weekend

When I was just a wee person (shorter than I am now!), I always tried to be cool and not be overly excited for my birthday.  But the truth is, my favourite part of birthdays are the little things – every year my Grandma and Grandpa call and my Grandpa sings me Happy Birthday.  This year was no exception, and it made it extra exciting when my Dad and Jill brought me a large sized photo of my Grandpa Art in his fully decked out army uniform.  I think it was the picture they used on a display they did for the war museum.

In any case, I got to see so much family and friends over the weekend that I was ecstatic.  On friday night, I decided to have a board game night.  Luckily for me a ton of people showed up, and I got to really enjoy the company of a bunch of my favourite people.  Justin’s parents came for a visit and helped us get ready ahead of time.  This is the boys making my sister’s wonderful jalapeno poppers:

My sister even has the recipe on her blog:


I decided I would also bake ahead of time a bunch of my favourite foods, including chocolate chip cookies (I always use the recipe on the back of the ChipIts Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips), peanut butter cookies (my mom’s recipe – I’ll post sometime!) and one of my all time favourites – cheesecake!

One of my favourite board games, or I guess it’s a card game, that always calls for hilarity and getting to know one another is Apples to Apples.  Fun fun fun!! I’ve also had a bunch of people suggest ‘Cards for humanity’ to me, and I’ve been dying to check that out.  The evening ended with lots of content people as far as I know, and I had a quiet dinner with Justin and Mike and Peg on Saturday, and my Dad and Jill came to visit and I convinced Justin to watch Hunger Games with me (my second time…eep!) at night, so we could talk about it afterwards.  What a busy wonderful weekend.  I think Tito and Bebe sum up my current feelings the best.

I have the best family and friends! And Happy Earth Day everyone!!


Funny Cats

Last weekend I surprisingly didn’t have to work on Saturday night (a very rare occurrence lately), so I decided that Justin and I should go for wings and beer at the Right Wing right by our house.  They were having this NHL event and gave us loot bags on the way home.  The best part of the loot bags, was clearly all the paper bag fun that could be had.  Of course, I whipped out my phone and took a couple videos.  Right before this video, the cats had been fighting over who could dive bomb into the bag first, so Justin thought he’d continue the fun.   We do love our cats!!  Hope you find it as funny as we did!

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