A Caucophony of Lifestyle

Blogging – a world that I have had so little time for of late.  So what have I been up to?  Well, I have left my regular full time job, and have been interning at Metro14 in preparation for going back to school in the fall for broadcasting.  I desperately needed a career change to find something more creative.  As a result though, I also have several part time jobs, and most fun of all…have been involved with the North Toronto Player’s again this year.

The show started planning awhile back, and so I had no idea that I would be so busy when we first started rehearsing before the Christmas holidays.  Even so, I love this fun and creative group (theme of this blog – finding creativity!) and was very excited to be playing Josephine in the Starship Pinafore (The Lass Who Loved a Trekkie).  Yes, the show is as it sounds…HMS Pinafore set in the wonderful world of Star Trek.


Look at all those faces!! The wonderful cast of this show got to truly express individual creativity this time around with all the different costuming options.  The best way to demonstrate this is to take a look at this photo, as we dance away in the first act ‘finale’.


I know a ton of audience members who were particular fans of Marvin the Martian.  Another truly creative and exciting part of doing shows with this group is that the director, Michael Harms, always gives his actors so much to work with.  I always end up playing the boring and lovestruck girl, and despite this, Michael helps me find the interesting parts of the character.  As always, it’s fun discovering humour in my scene with Justin (aka. Ralph T Rackstraw) and trying not to laugh at his hilarious Kirk-isms.


One of the more creative aspects on the show side, is that HMS Pinafore is actually quite a short show.  It’s often paired with G&S’s “Trial By Jury” to make for a longer night for the patrons.  In this case, Michael and the music director John Riciardelli inserted the trial section partway through the second act of Pinafore to add some length, depth and fun to the show.  Check out the Ferengi…!Image

The show played over two weekends, and fun for me – my mom came to help out backstage for the first weekend.  On the drive to the theatre opening night, we realized that we first worked on a show together 17 years ago (when I was 8) and was dancing in Les Petits Ballets’ “Cinderella”.  It was fantastic to revisit such a longstanding tradition.  Though it was a little shocking to realize just how long!


The show had two weekends of wonderful audiences, and I was pleased to find out that some of my free advertising methods paid off, and most importantly that the audience enjoyed watching the show as much as we enjoyed performing in it.  I will try to post some video clips once the taped version is received (it usually takes awhile).

Until next time, live long and prosper!!



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