A Caucophony of Lifestyle

This weekend I’ve mostly been learning music for an upcoming show (in February 2012).  Please feel free to visit www.northtorontoplayers.com or join the facebook page.  Last year Justin and I played Nanki-Poo (Frankie-Lou) and Yum-yum in the Italian/American influenced version of The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan.  This year, we’ll be playing the parts of Ralph Rackstraw (the Captain Kirk-esque role) and Josephine (or Josie – the Captain’s daughter) in HMS Starship Pinafore, A Star Trek adaptation of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic, HMS Pinafore.  Tonight is the first read-through/sing-along of the whole show, so this weekend was spent listening and learning music like crazy.

One of the major interruptions to this music learning concentration that seems to be all too commonplace in our apartment building is that the fire alarm goes off frequently.  When the fire alarm isn’t going off, every other week there is a posting that they are testing the fire alarms (likely because there are so many false alarms).  The dilemma we now face is that we don’t know whether to stay in, or leave the apartment.

I used to avidly believe in leaving the apartment no matter what.  Then, this winter our cat Sweeney was very ill for a brief period of time and the ‘trigger’ was a fire alarm at 5am.   Since this, I’ve seriously been reconsidering whether it’s practical in light of the large, large, LARGE number of false alarms we have, to stay in the apartment and try to keep the pets calm, and try to quiet the noise. 

Of course, I had a chance to test this theory this weekend.  The fire alarm went off and Sweeney immediately panicked and ran and hid under our duvet in our bedroom.  Grover started pacing around the apartment whimpering slightly, and then stopping and whining at Justin or I (he knows by now that we usually leave during the fire alarm, so this is a mix of noise and excitement for him).  This was Fenton’s reaction:

Eventually, Fenton gave up and came and cuddled with me, and Grover settled down in his bed.  Then, he started howling along with the fire alarm.  I went over an put my hands over his ears, which seemed to help a bit.

Here’s the question – have I become so used to the Fire Alarm crying wolf that it’s more practical to stay IN my apartment rather than leaving?  What would you do?


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