A Caucophony of Lifestyle

Typically to celebrate Halloween, Justin and I enjoy eating candy and watching scary movies.  This year we had friends over, and also played Apples to Apples, so we had a great time!

To start out our night, we watched our traditional Halloween movie favourite – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Both Justin and I watched this repeatedly growing up, and when we first moved in together, we bought Edward Gorey posters for our apartment.  I love this movie because the stylishness of it all has aged so well, and the music and atmosphere are spooky and fun at the same time.  Being a huge musical theatre buff, I also love the music aspect.

If you’ve never seen this movie before, I highly, highly recommend it.  Even to watch for the pure artistry of it all.

After we had settled down a bit, we decided to watch something none of us had seen before.  We began our search under the Horror section on Netflix, and decided on Paranormal activity.   Which also seemed appropriate because the 3rd movie in this series just came out in theatres as well. 

I’m going to write my opinion on this movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now!!  I didn’t know anything about this movie leading into this, so I was firstly surprised that it was filmed in the first person hand camera style ( a la Blair Witch Project).  My favourite parts of horror movies are always the little things they add to create suspense and build tension.  This movie built this up very well, even admidst the cat meowing that kept interrupting the silence of our apartment.  They showed the relationship of the two main characters initially in a great place in their relationship, happy and communicating well.  Since a good chunk of the tension building happens while the couple is sleeping and the camera is stationary, in typical Greek theatre style some of the scarier parts happen off camera, or that you can’t see very clearly.  For me, the scariest was when the girlfriend was ‘sleep walking’ or possessed and standing next to the bed just watching her boyfriend.  Shudder-worthy.

I was a huge fan of this movie up until the very end when the demon finally possesses the girlfriend, and she murders her boyfriend.  As she crawls up to his body the fear totally hits it’s peak.  Then, in a not so scary denouement, the girlfriend looks to the camera and attacks the camera and grins slightly.  In my opinion if they had cut that part out the viewer would have been left with the total fear that had been built.  In trying to include the viewer when the ‘demon’ had ignored the camera for so long, it made me feel like they were trying to hard to be scary.

Regardless, I would definitely be up to watching the sequels to this movie!  If I’m brave enough while home by myself tonight, I’ll celebrate Halloween by watching more horror movies – the cats and Grover will protect me right?


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