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It sometimes seems like a debateable topic on whether or not to dress up your pets for Halloween.  Grover is not a big fan of costumes, however we have since found that his wearing a sweater actually kind of helps his skin – making the costume wearing an added bonus!

To those who do not appreciate the charm of pets in costume, please think of it like this:  The time and love spent in dressing a pet for Halloween means that this animal is cared and loved for, and while they may not enjoy actually wearing the costume, there is some serious bonding time and love dedicated to the silliness.

I have only tried getting Grover to wear an actual costume once – he only wore it for the photo op, and then he chewed a rawhide stick and felt very proud of himself.

Moose Grover

We have since realized that he’s much more comfortable in a regular sweater, so I had given up on costuming until I found this one day:

Batman Grover

Batman Grover has had 2 years now in his comfy sweatshirt/cape combo.  He takes his walks by storm and spreads joy among Gotham City with his bouncing, prancing walk.

I still joke every year that I’m going to dye Grover blue for Halloween to match the Sesame Street Grover, but I think the Batman will stick to his comfy costume for now.

Happy Halloween!


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