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Breaded Chicken Wings

As a follow up to my ‘healthier’ wing recipe Beijing Wings, the other night I made my favourite breaded chicken recipe.  I love this recipe because it’s not a defined recipe, and every once in awhile, you feel like having something unhealthy but homemade for dinner.

The basics of this (which I never measure) is:

1) Combine in one bowl breadcrumbs, mixed with parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning (to your personal taste on the cheese and spice).  Needs to be a sufficient amount to coat your chicken wings.

2) Combine in another bowl melted butter and mustard (dijon or yellow, whatever you have available), again enough to coat your wings.

3) Dip the wings first in the butter/mustard and then coat in the bread crumb/parmesan cheese combo.

4) Lay on a baking sheet (I use those metal ones on top of a baking sheet so it doesn’t get stuck), and cook for 30 minutes at 400 degrees (I think that’s 200 celcius).  Flip the wings over at the 15 minute mark.

I like to make salad or steamed veggies to go along with these so I feel a little less guilty about the yummy buttery goodness I’ve just consumed.   Sometimes if I’m feeling a little healthier I like to skip the butter/mustard combo and coat chunks of chicken breast (instead of wings) in the breadcrumb/parmesan mix, which is also tasty.  For that variation, I make extra breadcrumb mixutre to add on top, and bake in a round cake tray for about 20 minutes without flipping instead. 

Preparation Stage

Before going into the oven



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