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Beijing Wings

Awhile back my mom bought herself, my sister and I matching cook books so that we could try different recipes out and share the outcome.  I have also decided that I can share the outcome with the internet world at large.  Here is the link to the cook book – it has great healthy eating tips and I love reading through some of the recipes even just for inspiration on cooking and other recipes.


The first recipe out of this book I tried is called Beijing Wings.  I love wings, and am always up for a healthier interpretation of this fatty food.  Hopefully, the makers of this book would be satisfied with our meal choice.  The wings are first marinated overnight, which we didn’t have time for, and then are baked.  Despite having not marinated for any length of time, the recipe still worked.  After they have finished baking, the wings are fried with an additional sauce in a frying pan, then plated and topped with sesame seeds.  The combination of sugar and hot sauce, evened out with the sesame seeds was a great blend of flavours.

We paired our finished product with a salad of baby spinach, chopped peppers, feta cheese and an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing mix.   With a beverage choice of water and Amstel light (Justin’s favourite kind of light beer), we felt like this was a healthy – and certainly tasty – choice for what is most often an unhealthy ordered in dinner.



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