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My Big Sister’s Married!!

This Thanksgiving long weekend I spent in Ottawa with all my family for a big occasion – my sister’s wedding!! Woo hoo!! Mel and Tyler have been together for 5 years, have a house, a dog, and they have been on trips down south as well as to China and Australia.  A wedding was yet another adventure and milestone, and was a great chance to have a big party and remember how much everyone around them loves them.

I organized the flowers with a company that is owned and run by one of my friends from high school – http://brittanyknapp.com/  She made beautiful flowers, and the sunflower bouquets were especially a big hit.  My Oma held onto mine for a good long time after the ceremony and they went home with guests as gifts very happily.

The day started out with a trip to the Spa in Ottawa (that’s really the name!), so us girls could get our hair done.  Then my sister’s good friend Melissa did our make up and I had to run back to my Mom’s house to get my dress, and get ready to go.  We had dropped my sister’s dress off at her (now) husband’s parents house, so we were ready to go when we got there.  Sitting around and waiting was the most nerve wracking part of the day – I thought I had way less time than I did to distribute flowers and help my sister get into her dress.  But all went smoothly and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

I am so happy for my big sister.  I held it together until the very, very end of my speech.  It’s hard living in two different cities! I thought I would be able to communicate how much my sisterly relationship means to me without becoming tearful, but I guess it wasn’t going to happen the way I expected.  Luckily, I had my wonderful partner to rely on, and dance the night away with!  And there was such wonderful music, I couldn’t help but dance!  Justin also sang the “Golden Slumbers” until “And in the end” section of Abbey Road towards the end of the night.

I am so proud of my big sister too, for the person she is, and all the accomplishments she’s made so far in her life.  I’m very excited that I got to celebrate and share in (and legally witness!) this wonderful day with them, and in the spirit of this weekend, I’m Thank-full for the sister I have, the brother-in-law I’ve gained, as well as all of his wonderful family that is now a part of our family too.  What an exciting weekend!

And we couldn’t help having a bit of silly fun too…after a hilarious episode of “the Office” this season, and to highlight the amusement that the planking trend has brought to the internet world –

Update!  My sister just sent me some new edited photos by the brilliant Dawn Carruthers!



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  1. Oohhh, I just read this now! Nice post – what a great day we had! So happy you were such a big part of it. Love you little sis!! xox

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