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Baked Potato Chips

We have always wondered whether it would be feasible to make tasty potato chips at home.  Justin’s weakness is definitely salty snacks, and baked chips are marginally healthier than deep fried (right?).  This past weekend, one of our friends came over and brought some fresh potatoes from his parents garden.  We thought this would also be a perfect chance to try the mandolin we had gotten as a gift awhile back. 

This is Justin’s super speedy mandolin slicing:

We greased baking sheets with canola oil and then laid the thin slices of potatoes on the baking sheet, and grated sea salt over top with a little extra oil.  When we originally looked baking times up online it looked like we should try 10 minutes a side, at 400 degrees F.  Because the mandolin slices were so thin, we discovered 5 minutes per side was better, but if you babysit the potatoes and move them around, then all of them can get that yummy brown crispy flavour. 

These were fairly labour intensive, but were wonderfully tasty.  We’re very excited about trying this with sweet potato fries next!



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