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Last Night’s Debate

While I’m not sure how many people tuned into the Ontario premier debate last night, I have to say I only watched the first little bit.  It was on at an inconvenient time (6:30pm!) and I started to get annoyed with the repetition and talking over each other.

Let me summarize my thoughts and opinions…keep in mind that I am an avid arts lover.

Dalton McGuinty:

The Liberal Premier and the incumbent. I think no matter what he could have said last night wouldn’t have changed the fact that Dalton McGuinty is not well liked because of his tax hikes and broken promises.  What I would like to note though, is that all politicians break their promises, he’s not the only one (cough cough…Rob Ford). 

My favourite platform peice he brought up – Promoting growth in the clean Energy sector in liaison with David Suzuki and using this for job growth and environmental friendliness. 

My favourite put down – Saying to the other two candidates that if they keep bringing up how much everyone hates the HST then why isn’t it in their platform to get rid of the HST.  *zing!

Tim Hudak:

The PC candidate.  All I could think of for the first while watching the debate was how much he looks like Andy from the office.

My favourite platform peice – Well, I’m just not  a fan.  But I I did think he held his own.

My favourite put down – When he told Dalton McGuinty that the people just don’t trust him anymore.  *bam!

Andrea Horwath:

The NDP candidate.  While I always love having strong female leaders I was not a fan of her interruptions and talking over the other two.  It wasn’t an effective way of making her point.  I think the NDP could have come across a lot stronger in this case, but I was glad she really held her own.

My favourite platform peice – For some reason, most of what I remember her and Tim Hudak saying was that they would ‘get rid of taxes for families’, but I don’t really know how either of them will go about doing that.  They were both kind of unclear about specific points of their plans.  I wish they had both been more on topic, or on platform peices rather than just trying to tear Dalton McGuinty apart.  It meant I know what McGuinty’s platform is all about, and I’m not really sure on either of theirs.

My favourite put down – I don’t actually remember a specific put down, because she kept saying things that seemed like put down, but were just her talking over someone else…even sometimes when she agreed.

My verdict – vote on the candidate in your riding that will best represent your area.  I don’t think this debate acheived anything other than to close the gaps between the parties.

And don’t forget to VOTE!


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