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Upcoming Election

All of the full fledged election campaigning has officially been in motion for a few weeks.  From wondering what the ‘Vote Against Kids’ ads have been (see video links to youtube below) to listening to Liberals coming out in full force this election (the Tim Hudak – Dalton McGuinty face off), I’ve been trying to pay a bit of extra attention to the flyers coming to my door and focusing on my own neighbourhood a bit. 

When I lived at Spadina and Bloor, I rarely had any campaign teams coming door to door canvassing for votes.  I think this was because the building I lived in was a highly student populated building, and most of them were international students, making them inelligble to vote.

Now that I live in the Yonge and Eglinton area, we have had canvassers every election.  I always appreciate someone actually coming to my door and taking the effort.  Last election, I voted for the person in my area just based on the fact that I had seen them in my building, at my door, and in my neighbourhood several times throughout the campaign.  My willingness to learn about the issues they care about and their platform shows how effective this can be.  This election I’ve been learning about our incumbent for quite some time, as I both live and work in the same area.  This is her website – check it out! 


The campaigners that came to my door last night said something that I definitely appreciated – that not only is she a Liberal party member, but that she’s just a special hard-working lady.  I can definitely appreciate that, and I loved the time and dedication spent by her canvassers.  I once canvassed with a municipal councillor that my Dad was campaign manager for, and even though I was so young, I appreciated the hard work that is put into running a campaign.

My opinion – with all the issues that Toronto has had with it’s current mayors unwanted budget cuts, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upsurge of non-conservative votes this time around.  I’ll weigh in again after watching the debates tonight!







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