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Fall TV Season Starting

Last night we watched the finale of Hell’s Kitchen, of which I was pleased to have the two finalists that I thought were most qualified, but I really wanted Will (aka. pizza-bagel, self dubbed for his Italian/Jewish heritage) to win.  He was by far my favourite, though Paul was certainly enthusiastic.

The significance of Hell’s Kitchen meant that the fall television season is starting, which for me (and Justin) was super exciting because we totally fell in love with Hawaii 5-0 last year. 

Hawaii Five-0 Poster

To start with, I was sad to see Lost go, and was looking forward to seeing ‘Jin’, Daniel Dae Kim in a show again.  Not to mention all the main 4 actors are supremely attractive,  and they are all really great actors.  Though there were parts of the first season with too much product placement for my liking, the action and stories are totally engaging.  For those of you who don’t watch, I would highly suggest it.  Last season ended with the 5-0 team being torn apart by accusations of McGarrett killing the governor.  The teasers for the season premiere highlighted the new character played by Terry O’Quinn.  This was another Lost favourite, so I was very happy.

Highlights from the episode last night (don’t read if you want to watch it!) –

McGarrett gets into a fight in prison with the man who killed his father, Victor Hesse.  As he stabs McGarrett he whispers something into his ear.  We later find out that Hesse wants McGarrett to escape so that McGarrett will kill Wo Fat before Wo Fat has the chance to kill Hesse.  In any case, McGarrett is on the loose again, but has a stomach stab wound.  The action gets going immediately, and I’m reminded why I love this show.

We find out throughout the show some personal issues, Danno and Rachel aren’t together and she thinks that the baby is actually Stan’s.  Rachel is attempting to make things work for Stan for the baby’s sake, which makes Danno very obviously upset.  I’m curious whether they will be using the same actor to play Grace this season.  I hope so, she was adorable!

Action moves forward, we meet Terry O’Quinn, or now Lt. Commander Joe White, who is the one who trained McGarrett.  Epic discoveries are made in the investigation that McGarrett’s father was pursuing.   The team discovers a hidden camera that was planted in the clock in the mayor’s office, and upon breaking and entering, they retrieve the footage off the camera, thereby getting McGarrett off scott free. 

Kono has been keeping track of Wo Fat and has been captured.  She gets released from the car trunk and gets into a handcuffed fight scene (awesome!) to be able to call the rest of the now reinstated 5-0 team with Joe White to try to capture Wo Fat.  It turns out Wo Fat was able to get away from the boat.

Switch locale to the prison where the 5-0 team now wants to talk to Hesse about McGarrett’s father’s investigation.  Turns out Wo Fat got to Hesse first and is making a clean getaway.  He gets into his escape car driven by….Jenna Kaye, who has been helping 5-0 this whole time.  WTF?  Although I was somewhat pleased because I find the character annoying beyond all reason, I’m hoping she doesn’t get that much more air time.

Tonight – season premiere of Glee!


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