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First Blog on WordPress!

The Pink Bees Knees has now moved to WordPress!! I had been recommended to try this out, and I have to say that already the format is a lot more user friendly.

Trying to find a style and theme for my blog was very difficult.  At first I wondered what is unique about me that I would want to say to the world on the internets?  Then I realized, the most well-known thing about me is that I love to talk.  About anything and everything.  So my blog is henceforth a Caucophony of Lifestyle.  The things I find interesting and the fun experiences I’m having.

To introduce some main subjects of my blog:

1) This is Grover Washington Zeyl.  He is a 11 year old bichon frise.  He has been having some serious health issues over the past couple months.  I’m thinking of doing a blog posts on veterinarians and vet bills.

2) Next up is our 2 cats – Sweeney Ralph, the orange tabby, who has also had a few health issues this year, but has come out most triumphant from them.  Although the ER vet did seem to be trying to tell me he was a ‘fat cat’….The second cat – Fenton Ralph, the tuxedo kitten.  We just adopted him from the Toronto Animal Services at our local PetSmart about a month and a half ago.  They are starting to love each other!

Thanks for having me WordPress…I look forward to many a blogpost…I think next I will pull over some of my older posts.

Sincerely, the Bee.


Comments on: "First Blog on WordPress!" (2)

  1. Denyse St-Jean said:

    Hi Alison,

    I had a tuxedo, he left July 12, 2004, he was 20 years old. He was the most amazing and brightest cat I ever had. He looked just like yours.

    Love your recipes, I will try the meatloaf.



  2. Hi Denyse!
    20 years old is AMAZING!! We love our little kitten, he’s so affectionate.
    Thanks for your comments!! 🙂

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